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Need for Belene To Be Analysed by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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Next week, Bulgaria’s Energy Ministry will sign a contract with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for the preparation of an analysis as to whether Bulgaria needs new nuclear capacity, as understood by the statement of outgoing Minister Petkova on bTV on Thursday morning.

Petkova pointed out that after Bulgaria did pay Russia the amount ruled by the Arbitration Court in Geneva, it is now time to be sensible about energy.

She explained that it is necessary for the assets of the Belene NPP to be diverted to a separate company which could be offered for privatisation – and, if there is interest, the project for a second nuclear capacity might be achieved. Otherwise, we have to find a buyer for the two reactors that have already been built.

Petkova stated these are ready, proven by three inspections by Bulgarian experts in Russia at the end of the year.

It is expected that the reactors will be delivered to Bulgaria by the April.

(, January 5, 2017)


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