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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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German Regulator Assures No Legal Obstacles for Nord Stream 2 Exist at EU Level

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German network regulator Bundesnetzagentur (the Federal Network Agency) sees no legal obstacles for the construction of the gas pipeline project Nord Stream-2, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote citing a letter of Bundesnetzagentur Head Jochen Homann.

According to him, there are no legal obstacles to the project at the EU level, or from Germany, as marine pipelines do not fall under the European regulation. The official Berlin "unconditionally" shares this approach, Homann noted. "Applying other requirements to Nord Stream 2 would be an apparent discrimination," he added.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is expected to come into service at the end of 2019. The pipeline is set to run from the Russian coast along the Baltic Sea bed to the German shore. Each of the pipelines two stretches will have a capacity of 27.5 bln cubic meters.

The new pipeline will double the capacity of the first stretch and will basically follow its route. Capital expenditures on the project are estimated at 8 bln euro and its total cost will amount to 9.9 bln euro, taking into account project financing.


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