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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Turkey's Crude Oil Imports Rise in October

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Turkey's total oil imports increased with the boost of diesel and crude oil imports in October, according to the country's energy watchdog's report on Wednesday.

Diesel imports increased by 26.30 percent to 1.2 million tonnes and crude oil imports increased by 6.66 percent to 2.2 million tonnes in October, Energy Marketing Regulatory Authority (EMRA) said.

As a result, Turkey's oil product imports overall increased by 17.49 percent to 3.8 million tonnes in October compared to October 2016.

Aviation fuels decreased by 69.21 percent to 3.79 thousand tonnes in October compared to the same month last year.

Production of total oil refinery products increased by 0.12 percent to 2.5 million tonnes. However, diesel production decreased by 8.96 percent to 847 thousand tonnes.

In October, total fuel sales rose by 11.65 percent to 2.6 million tonnes compared to the same month last year.

(Anadolu Agency)

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